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SMAC Product Ranges


SMAC – LCA Series Linear Actuators

The LCA series linear actuators from SMAC feature ‘Snap-Together’ design controls, tight tolerance stack-up to assure high product quality and cheap prices due to lesser parts. The LCA series is designed to offer well over 100 million cycles at high speed applications. The parts are extremely compact starting at 8mm height, making these ideal for electronics pick and place head or to force up to 90N for high speed and high cycle applications. As with all SMAC actuators the LCA are fully programmable in position, velocity and force with feedback capacity and precise force control. The range features:

  • Extremely cost effective
  • Lasts over 100 million cycle due to built-in lubrication
  • High cycle and acceleration
  • Options available in IP-65 ratings
  • High energy efficiency: Low power consumption of average 1.5amps peak at 24V or 48V
  • Quiet and clean operation
  • Data feedback

SMAC – CBL Series Electric Cylinder


The CBL series of electric cylinders from SMAC are designed for overcoming the drawbacks of conventional devices in the packaging industry. Key specifications include:

  • Stroke (mm):10 | 15 | 25
  • Peak Force (N):8.5 | 10 | 14 | 15 | 22 | 23 | 33 | 40 | 49 | 70 | 100
  • Constant Force (N):3.4 | 4 | 5.6 | 6 | 8.8 | 9 | 13 | 15 | 16 | 19 | 28 | 40

Key features of the range include:

  • Extremely cost effective
  • Independent control of velocity, position, and force simultaneously
  • Airless and quiet operation
  • Lasts over 100 million cycle due to built-in lubrication
  • Programmable position, velocity and force
  • Fast cycle time>2000 CPR
  • ’Soft-Land’ function gives extremely accurate sensing of product location
  • 100% data feedback for all operations
  • Ideal for clean room environments

SMAC – LAR Series Linear Rotary Actuators

The SMAC LAR series of linerar rotary actuators carries out the precision Z-theta motion within one small actuator, allowing a convenient pick, orient and place. These z-theta actuators can easily be programmed to control force/torque, position and velocity in all axes at the same time with feedback capability. A wide variety of these actuators come equipped with either direct drive or gearbox equipped rotary units.

The rotary motor comes with a built-in vacuum shaft that prevents dust buildup in the unit and features SMAC's patent 'Soft-Land' function that enables the unit to control force and avoid damage of both the component and the actuator when dealing with delicate components. The key range features:

  • Precise force/torque control
  • 'Soft-land' function
  • Precision positioning
  • Vacuum buit-in through the shaft
  • Option available for safety return spring
  • Data feedback

SMAC – MIOE-8/8 Expansion Module

The SMAC MIOE-8/8 consists of a 16 channel I/O expansion module, 8 input, 8 output and an Opto-isolated general purpose I/O. If more I/O channels are required, The MIO can be linked to either the LAC1, LAC25 and LAC-45 controllers to give 16 I/O channels. Supports 24-48 VDC. Key specifications are:

  • Description:I/O Expansion Module
  • General Purpose Digital I/O:8 Opto-isolated Inputs, 8 Opto-isolated Outputs
  • Communication Interface:Proprietary Synchronous Serial Channel
  • Supply Voltage:+11 To +50 VDC
  • Dimensions:Approximately 4.0” Long by 3.3” Wide by 1.1” Thick
  • Weight:Approximately 1 Lb

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