The BPX Timeline

The Company was formed by Bill Collins as BPG Electro Mechanical Supply Company Ltd.
on 8th November 1965.

  • 1966

    BPG Electro Mechanical Supply Co employs its first member of staff and opens in a tiny trianglar-shaped office in Marjorie Street, Leicester.

  • 1967

    BPG Electro Mechanical Supply Co splits from joint founders BPG and becomes BPX Electro Mechanical Co. Ltd.

  • 1967

    BPX becomes the UK's first Telemecanique distributor.

  • 1968

    BPX adds the key distributorships for Klippon Terminals (later to become Weidmuller) and Keyswitch relays.

  • 1970

    The BPX "Superior Service" logo is born.

  • 1971

    Leicester Switch & Control becomes the first subsidiary of the BPX Group manufacturing control panels and systems.

  • 1975

    BPX Nottingham becomes the company's first branch office.

  • 1986

    BPX passes £1M sales of Telemecanique control equipment.

  • 1987

    BPX moves to current head office in Ross Walk with 20,000 sq ft warehouse.

  • 1989

    BPX signs distributorship with Mitsubishi for distribution of PLCs, Inverters and factory automation equipment.

  • 1990

    Controls and Drives is formed and becomes the third BPX Group business specialising in the provision of automation services, support and training.

  • 1990

    BPX passes £2M sales of Telemecanique control equipment.

  • 1991

    BPX Wakefield opens as the Mitsubishi Distributor in Yorkshire.

  • 1994

    BPX takes over the business of Network Electrical and BPX Stoke opens as the Mitsubishi distributor for Staffordshire.

  • 1994

    BPX Northampton opens with a branch almost at the foot of the Express Lifts tower as the appointed Telemecanique distributor for Northamptonshire.

  • 1995

    Ranger Computer systems is formed as the BPX Group's computer division distribution PC's, network products and software to industrial customers.

  • 1997

    BPX signs historic £2M control with Boots PLC for the design, development and installation of energy saving systems and the BPX Energy Division is born.

  • 1998

    BPX Sheffield opens to expand the BPX Mitsubishi distributorship in Yorkshire.

  • 2001

    BPX Sheffield and BPX Leeds move to a new regional headquarters in Wakefield incorporating Mitsubishi's Northern Regional Office.

  • 2003

    Leicester Switch and Control relocates to bigger manufacturing premises, so increasing the BPX warehousing area.

  • 2005

    BPX Slough branch opens on the UK's largest Industrial Estate and becomes the fourth Schneider distributorship in the network.

  • 2007

    BPX welcomed the management of Schneider Electric Ltd to BPX's Leicester HQ to mark the company's achievement of £3M purchases of Schneider control and automation product in 2006.

  • 2008

    BPX acquires the company Prolocon Systems Ltd. The Prolocon location complements the existing seven distribution branches and becomes the new BPX Hertfordshire branch based in Welwyn Garden City.

  • 2010

    BPX opens its ninth branch with an expansion into East Anglia and a new office at Newmarket, reinforcing the position of BPX as the UK's largest Mitsubishi distributor.

  • 2012

    999 Automation is launched as the specialist online brand of BPX.

  • 2013

    BPX Wakefield moves to larger, self-contained premises.

  • 2014

    BPX Manchester is formed from the purchase by BPX and JK Electrical the longstanding Schneider distributor in Lancashire and Greater Manchester.

  • 2015

    Red8RF is formed as a diversification by the BPX Group into the field of RF Dielectric heating.

  • 2015

    BPX celebrates its 50th anniversary!

  • 2016

    BPX Slough moves to larger premises to support it's growing customer base.

  • 2017

    BPX Ireland opens for business to deliver first class products support to the Irish republic.



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